Luke Leighfield – Live Series

Luke Leighfield @ The Fighting Cocks, Kingston, February 2009
In association with This Is Not Revolution Rock

1. Simple Things
2. I Never Say What I Mean
3. The Rain Will Come Again
4. Untitled new song
5. Don’t Break Your Back
6. If You Haven’t Got Anything To Say

You can download the video of this complete performance in iTunes HERE

Luke Leighfield makes wonderfully honest and soulful pop music. His songs have been used by BBC3 for the comedy Coming Of Age and he has won over crowds playing live at Latitude Festival and The Great Escape. He has toured Europe extensively, had BBC radio airplay and is the first ‘indie’ artist to complete a tour of China. Luke Leighfield has rolled out two albums (Got Got Need Records) full of anthemic pop songs so far with another on it’s way in 2009. He’s even got a Greatest Hits Album released exclusively in Japan on Rallye Records. This BeastCast live performance includes new and previously unreleased (and un-named!) tracks. Welcome to the love torn pop world that is Luke Leighfield…..

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