Becoming Real – BOTW 07

Fuck Art Lets Dance!
By Sacha Sheikh

Becoming Real ‘THE THING’byBeatcast

“Saturday, wait
And Sunday always comes too late
But Friday, never hesitate…”

“Dressed up to the eyes
It’s a wonderful surprise
To see your shoes and your spirits rise
Throwing out your frown
And just smiling at the sound
And as sleek as a sheik
Spinning round and round…”
- The Cure – Friday I’m In Love.

Last Friday I witnessed something novel almost unseen these days. It was February’s Dirty Bingo and the shackles of trend were off. On the bill were Colours, Sex Beet and Fair Ohs. Colours took to the stage. Fresh from their support slot with hotly tipped US band Real Estate. Playing with sunshine smiles and a monstrous sound to warm up the coldest of East end nights. Next up, Sex Beet a band with so much potential it’s untrue and a band not to be missed. This is where the next stage begins, and as they beckon the crowd forward, the set starts as it means to go on with Sex Beats surf pop undertones soon having onlookers moving on the spot and tentatively dancing. They leave the stage to great applause. Headliners Fair Ohs pick up where the other bands left off. As their Myspace tagline states; “Like Paul Simon…but…you know…punk”. The crowd are already geed up, and ready for more. They burst into their set and once again the temperature in The Victoria rises, as the room full of bodies begin to cut loose.

Now I’m not here to promote my night in any way, shape or form – I’m purely pontificating on what was a refreshing sight it was to see people actually dancing! Not just with friends but with anyone in close proximity. Tentatively at first with one eye looking to see if you’re still cool to the faceless but potential new friends. With the bands losing themselves in their music and showing it with ear-to-ear smiles and friendly banter in-between songs, forming a connection with the now sweaty revellers.

Don’t get me wrong I’m often one to stand in optimum viewing position nodding my head and tapping my foot, but sometimes you just need to let loose. So I’ll leave you with a few words from Rage Against The Machine’s Renegades of Funk:

Say move sucker! (Move sucker)
Say groove sucker!(Move sucker)
Say dance sucker (Dance sucker)
And why not, hey?

This weeks’ featured Artist: Becoming Real

Becoming Real “THE THING”

Become Real is Toby Ridler. His sound has been described as post punk, and askew hip hop with textured Dubstep beats. Toby exclaims that IMPOSSIBILITY! Is what’s behind Becoming Real. It’s more of an eski/minimal, grime vibed ditty with some Technicolor sounds coupled with some kind of other wordly minimal song writing. His mission statement if he had one would be:

“1. Becoming Real exist but there is no one in Becoming Real because it is not a band, it is not a lifestyle and isn’t even real.

2. The band exists separately from myself, and strives to transcend theatrics and reality, always indicating the other but never becoming either.

3. Becoming Real will absorb everything in it’s path and is pure representation but it can also conclude itself. ”

Musically, Toby’s pool of influences change quite rapidly as you can imagine. But for now he’s into early Wiley Beats, Actress and Growing (their new album sounds awesome!) and the instrumentals by Mount Eerie, a pretty good overview for his sound right now.

Working on your own has it’s ups and downs but Toby would have it no other way. When pressed to choose between collaboration and the righteous path of the solo artist, he says, “On my own without a doubt. I used to be in bands, but I’m too controlling to ever let someone else work with me right now, the kind of music I’m making you just cant make with two people, I have such specific ideas and methods -it just wouldn’t work”. So what about one off collaborations? Well Toby admits “He’d like to make tunes with MC’s and singers, especially Trim, making some pure fire grime EP and of course Beyonce or Tracy Chapman.

I predict a bright future for Becoming Real. A spit with Pictureplane coming out on Tough Love pretty soon, a 7′ out on Lofi Funk, a remix for Warp as well for their newest band ‘Nice Nice’ and a 12″ coming out on Ramp with a Scratcha. Some bands I’m listening to at the moment:


Hocus Tocus –

Silver Columns –