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Teen angel – Heavy Hawaii by Beatcast

With only three years until we hit those troublesome teens it seems the naughties flew by in the blink of any eye yet a hell of a lot happened. Our jeans got tighter than the economy, we saw the slow death of “Indie” music and the emergency of something far more exciting and fresh. The D.I.Y ethos seems to be going from strength to strength. The emergence of social media gave people the scope to go out and promote their bands to a wider audience. While X-Factor and Pop Idol will always make the money, it seems as though most have had enough. Frustrated with the clean cut shiny pop acts that are being chewed up and spat in to our homes every Saturday night or the majors jumping on the next big thing; rushing to release that killer album before the artist/band have had time to write, grow and develop leaving them with the possibility of a shorter shelf life.

New bands are looking to “ do it themselves”. We are lucky at the moment as there’s a lot of interesting stuff out there that can no longer be classified under one genre. They’re also getting help from small D.I.Y labels like Suplex Cassettes, Fat Possum, Faux Discx and Sex is Disgusting to name a few and along with the numerous club nights that have been springing up each week there will always be a platform for them. And we can see these bands reaping the rewards – Male Bonding a prime example signing to Sub Pop, home of some great artists including Nirvana and more recently Lets Wrestle signing to Merge Records.

So what makes good taste? What makes things good? The thing is you just know without necessarily knowing why. I’ve picked a band for this month, HEAvy Hawaii from San Diego. I hope you guys enjoy the track Teen Angel. I was told to check out the band by Brandon from the Crocodiles. Brandon admits that the scene over there is littered with woeful bands but there are a fair few worth shouting about, including Beaters, Nude Boy and Christmas Island.

HEAvy HAwaii – ‘Teen Angel’

Heavy HAwaii is a band from San Diego, California which features former members of Fantastic Magic. Inspired by classics such as The Beach Boys, Phil Spector and underscored by the dark scour of SWANS, Heavy Hawaii plays beach music for campers who aren’t afraid of getting sand in their sleeping bags.

In a plume of smoke are the integral elements of Matt Bahama’s pepper-grinder vocals as his bubbly twang guitar haunts us. Sundar plays electric-less tones on the keyboards as sometimes gets into melodic rants with his woodwinds. Jojo sings along in the morning marine layer while signalling to shore like a lighthouse with his visceral guitar.

Heavy Hawaii have been included in the past “Summer Bummer” cassette compilation on Bathetic Records, and upcoming singles are scheduled for Spring on San Diego’s Single Screen, split with Girls Names on U.K.’s Cass/Flick and a 12″ e.p. on Art Fag Records.

I followed the link and pushed play on the track Teen Angel. Within the first 20 seconds I though this song wouldn’t have sounded out of place on the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas sound track. I could imagine Raoul Duke and Dr. Gonzo stumbling into Circus Circus both totally lost in the ether approaching the turnstiles and haplessly trying to pay the man and enter Bazooka Circus. But then there’s a change up and 20 seconds into the song it breaks onto a floaty 60’s dreamscape, a mixture of lightness and dark, you could say a more off kilter The Drums or Girls even.

So that’s my pick of the week. However if you’re looking for something a little closer to home you should check out any of the following-


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