Dad Rocks! – BOTW 10

I was asked to write a regular piece on new bands. “A small article on a band you want to big up” was the only brief, which certainly sounded like something I could do, and as it was for the lovely BeatCast, how could I refuse?

I’m having a bit of a slow morning thus far, winding down towards the end of a very busy week by reading tales of people hungover to hell from last nights Kerrang! awards or planning trips to various festivals around the country this weekend. Me, well I had a great nights sleep and am looking forward to my final weekend without plans until November. November!! When did this happen? Another year quickly disappearing and another wave of great new bands flooding through the system, but which one to write about for my first column? I decided to make it easy on myself. I went with the one playing on the stereo right now…

Dad Rocks!

With a name inspired by the terrible Father’s Day gift compilation CD genre of the same name, Dad Rocks! is the new solo project from Mimas frontman Snævar Njáll Albertsson. The Icelandic man who resides with his young family in Aarhus, Denmark, has managed to perfectly blend influences such as Bill Callahan, Owen, Why?, Akron/Family and Do Make Say Think, marrying them together with his own, very unique, often tongue in cheek, lyrical style. His debut EP, ‘Digital Age’, was initially released via the small Danish label, Kanel Records, earlier this year, but after falling in love with the project thanks to the incredible video for ‘Nothing Keeps Up’ (featured above), we just couldn’t resist giving it a little re-release here in the UK. Due out later this month, the 7 track CD comes in a children’s book-esque, popup sleeve and is available exclusively via Look out for a couple of UK dates in October.

Kev Douch

‘Nothing Keeps Up’ video Directed by Andreas Sørensen