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Head Bugs by Weird Wives

This week’s BOTW comes from guest contributor FatCat Records

Despite the amount of hours it consumes, it’s rare for our newfound 21st century staple of “myspace surfing” to yield something genuinely special. Of course, it does happen, but the amount of really exciting music uncovered is nowhere near proportionate to the amount of time spent looking. One band that has recently given me hope that there is still life left in clicking on interesting-looking “top friends” is Florida’s Weird Wives.

They are caustic, chaotic, menacing and utterly gripping. From listening, their attitude may seem uncaring, but their energy and musicality certainly are not. The first song I heard of theirs was the completely frightening ‘Fudge’ – its Jesus Lizard/Birthday Party/Stooges-esque sleaze and Women/Gun Club-esque fuzz combine into a bizarre, thrilling and unique character.

After having made contact with the band, I’ve been regularly updated with their new material, and it is only getting better. More recent tracks ‘Head Bugs’ and ‘Burger Bash’ demonstrate a pop sensibility so eccentric that sometimes it feels like three separate key signatures are fighting each other. It is discordant, but it is harmonically structured. It is odd music, but it is inherently listenable.

Some background information:

Weird Wives combines members of Surfer Blood and other local musicians, formed out of a frustration with the “serious identity crisis” of their small-town Florida homelands. Encouraged and inspired by friends Cop City/Chill Pillars, Weird Wives set about playing “something exciting and odd and loud” (this is an accurate description of the band). They have two cassettes available and two 7″s coming out soon, as well as writing a full-length album now.

“The band consists of virtuoso bassist Brian Black, eclectic powerhouse drummer and philosophy lover Marcos Marchesani, sexual intellectual guitarist Thomas Fakete, and deer in the headlights vocalist Nicholas Barry Klein.”

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