Talons – BOTW 14, free download and live video

This weeks Beat Of The Week is brought to you by Kev Douch of Big Scary Monsters.

Much like my first Beat of The Week column, the decision of who to write about this month was an easy one.

Talons are a difficult band to ignore. With six members including two violinists, a bagful of crushing guitar riffs and one of the most ferocious young drummers around, I’ve used the term “soundtrack to the end of the world” on more than one occasion to describe their incredible live performance, and now they have a studio recording to back it up in the shape of their debut album, ‘Hollow Realm‘.

Produced by former Forward Russia frontman, Tom Woodhead, in the most remote studio in Wales (a short wade through a stream from the nearest shop), the album is comprised of 8 new tracks, written as a single piece of music and takes the listener on a rollercoaster of soaring highs and devestating lows during its 40 minute, instrumental span.

Now, having read the above two paragraphs back, I feel I need to make an apology for making this sound so like a press release! I’m on autopilot and my brain switched off for a moment, but that’s not to say any of the above should be disregarded as ‘Hollow Realm‘ truly is one of the albums of the year. It’s blistering and brutal in places, whilst beautifully dramatic in others… Sorry, I’m at it again. Just listen to the damn thing when it’s out and you’ll see what I mean!

The band tour the UK in November before heading to Europe in December. Keep an eye on for dates and details nearer the time.

Free MP3 download: Peter Pan –

The above video was recorded at 2009′s Rapturefest as part of the BeatCast Live Series.
1. Commiserations Buff Orpington
2. The Tragic Decline of Buff Orpington
3.The Pearl