Beat Of The Week 16 // Mazes

This weeks Beat Of The Week comes to you from Tom Lavis of FatCat Records.
Mazes // Bowie Knives

Mazes are a new signing of ours. They’ve just got out of the studio, having recorded their first album. We found out about them by doing one of our myspace trails one day… just saw they were playing with some bands we liked (Deerhunter, Thee Oh Sees, Sic Alps, Box Elders, Dum Dum Girls and Crocodiles), had a couple of releases out on decent bedroom labels so asked them for some music and it went from there.

They already have a decent following because of the releases already floating about. Band member Conan released a tape of sketched out ideas, acoustic versions, alternative takes and samples on his label Italian Beach Babes. Jack (Mazes front man) put out his own 7” single on Suffering Jukebox, and DIY label Sex Is Disgusting released a split – coupling up Mazes with Spectrals on 12” vinyl. Most of these tracks are recorded by Jack in his bedroom, using basic recording equipment.

I could throw around reference points all day, but Mazes mostly remind me of early Pavement, in places they go as pop as Weezer, and in others (like the IBB tape) they remind me of bands as prolific as Guided By Voices or Sebadoh. Out of the thousands of bands taking from these influences, Mazes are one who actually stand out. They remind me of a few different bands, but maintain a uniqueness – this is because Jack’s a talented songwriter… he writes pop music, as scuzzy and lo-fi as it is, it’s catchy as hell and will cause Mazes to grace the radio playlists next year. Marc Riley, on their recent BBC 6 music session called them a “sort of really garagey Kinks.” – a pretty good starting point, then!

Oh, and for a band who formed just over one year ago, they’re an accomplished live act. They’re playing a Christmas party for Upset The Rhythm in London on the 17th December, and I urge you to go.

For anyone who wishes to read a more informative and detailed biography, I recommend going here http://fat-cat.co.uk/fatcat/artist/mazes

Here’s the myspace page http://www.myspace.com/mazesmazesmazes

Here’s their blog http://mazesmazesmazes.tumblr.com/

The album is out on March 28th 2011.