Here We Go Magic // “Casual” video

Directed by Nat Livingston Johnson and Gregory Mitnick, aka ‘Peking’, this is Here We Go Magic’s shocking video for ‘Casual’ . Shot in a rural hospital in Bayside it required twelve gallons of blood and birth fluid from real livestock. The video features all five band members who are all in pretty bad shape and things only worse as the video goes on… Not for the faint hearted but a stunning video none the less!

“The challenges of getting a 7-foot drummer to be born from a 70 year-old woman are painfully obvious,” says Johnson. “But we did it,” says Mitnick.

‘Casual’ is taken from Here We Go Magic’s current album ‘Pigeons’, out now on Secretly Canadian

Gregory Mitnick and Nat Livingston have been recognized as one of the most promising up and coming narrative film directors, earning accolades in the commercial and visual arts spheres, including multiple AICP honors and a Kodak Vision Award. Their work is cited for its unique stylistic sense and relatable human touch. They’ve collaborated with Here We Go Magic on two of their previous videos, ‘Tunnelvision’ and ‘Collector’.