Beat Of The Week // Bare Mutants

Bare Mutants are a Chicago five-piece formed by a group of friends out of the urge to just play some music together. I hear you say ‘isn’t that how every band is formed?’. Well, mostly yes, but few fall together so effortlessly and beautifully as Bare Mutants do. The band was formed by Jered Gummere (the Ponys) and features Jeanine O’Toole (the 1900s) and Seth Bohn (Mannequin Men). The effortless grace Bare Mutants exude is also compounded by the fact they all, bar Seth, sit on chairs when playing live (see above), and their friends have formed a Facebook group campaigning for him to sit down too…

The sound could be likened to Galaxie 500, or maybe the quiet bits from Spiritualized, yet they have a magical, beautifully simple and inviting sound all of their own…

Thanks to Elisse LaRoche of Summer Girlfriends for capturing this video.


Facebook : Bare Mutants

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