Luke Leighfield and Jose Vanders // ‘Blindsided’ video, split EP, Single, Tour

Luke Leighfield has teamed up with friend and uber talented Jose Vanders to release a single, a cover of Bon Iver’s “Blindsided“. Previously recorded for our BeatCast Live Series, the duo will release the single as a free download on the 5th of September as a teaser before the release of their EP. The pair will release their split EP on Got Got Need Records on September 19th (featuring two covers by each artist of the other’s songs) followed by a 21-date tour of the UK and Europe.

There is also a remix competition (in association with SoundCloud) for the single, running from Aug 15th to Oct 14th, with prizes from SoundCloud and CDs/t-shirts from Leighfield and Vanders. For more information about the competition and tour dates jump on over to the pairs joint website.

Jose Vanders : Live Series

Luke Leighfield : Live Series

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