Beat Of The Week // The Band In Heaven

The Band In Heaven make blissful fuzzed-out pop music that makes you smile from ear to ear. The Orlando duo of Ates Isildak and Lauren Dwyer produce a diverse mix of music, creating beautiful droning mellow moments (listen to Wekiwa Springs) to raw distorted moments (check out High Low from the demos collection, which has more than a hint of classic Jesus And Mary Chain running through it). They make you wanna jump around (or a least nod your head violently – see above video for Sleazy Dreams), but then all of a sudden sit down again and chill out (check out the charming ‘Coal’).

Watch the bands first video above to the single Sleazy Dreams, which is out now on cassette, released through NorseKorea Tapes, plus you can get it as part of a collection of demo’s and a few covers (including the Cranberries ‘Dreams’!), which is available at the bands website.


Video Directed by Graham Denman