Adebisi Shank

Adebisi Shank // Live in LA – TerroreyesTV

As fans of the Wexford three piece we thought it only right to show you this great video from the guys at TerrorEyesTV who’ve captured the boys recently playing in LA…


Adebisi Shank // live at the Troubadour, LA

Playing alongside other fine Sargent House bands Le Bucherettes and Tera Melos, Abebisi Shank recently opened at the Troubadour in Los Angeles to quite a crowd. Playing in the usual masked regalia with relentless energy, this is AS playing ‘International Dreamboat’ from the excellent second album…


Adebisi Shank – Live Series

Adebisi Shank live have been described by excellent Irish blogsite Nialler9 as being :…akin to watching a nervous breakdown:limbs flailing, bodies jerking and frenetic energy pours out…” .