Bon Iver

Bon Iver // Beth/Rest

The tenth and last track off the album entitled Beth/Rest is dripping with 80′s influences. From production values to melodies.
Directed by Isaac Gale and David Jensen, filmed in Fall Creek, WI.


Bon Iver // Lisbon, OH

This video apparently sets out to recreate a house fire that singer Justin Vernon lists as a defining moment in his life…


Bon Iver // Calgary

There isn’t really a lot I can say about the video for the eighth track off the album. So I’ve decided to let you, the viewer, draw your own conclusions. I know what I see and how it makes me feel but I get the distinct impression this will be vastly different for everybody.


Bon Iver // Wash.

For the seventh track ‘Wash.’ we get our first glimpses of a person, albeit just feet. Filmed with a handheld camera this video jolts around like an old home video filmed on a super 8…


Bon Iver // Hinnom, TX

As we move onto the sixth track of Bon Iver’s self titled second album we are treated to a song with a much bigger electronic influence . This comes across brilliantly in the video, with a nice long organic build up into a radiant sunset crackling along with the music.

This time directed by Isaac Gale and David Jensen. Filmed in Wyoming.


Bon Iver // Michicant

The fifth in this mini series of Bon Iver videos depicts simple but beautiful imagery perfectly capturing the essence of Michicant.

Directed by Isaac Gale and David Jensen, this understated joy was filmed in Fall Creek, Wisconsin.


Bon Iver // Towers

I’m running out of ways to wax lyrical about these stunning videos. Again a beautiful execution of a fabulous concept.

This time round directed by Dan Huiting and Ryan Thompson.

Filmed in Minneapolis


Bon Iver // Holocene

For our third video we have Holocene and another piece of visual mastery, this time directed by Dan Huiting and Andre Durand.

I cannot stress enough the importance of watching this gorgeous and transfixing video in as high a definition as you possibly can.


Bon Iver // Minnesota, WI

The second in our little series of Bon Iver videos is for Minnesota, WI.
This one is directed by Dan Huiting and Ryan Thompson, filmed in Minneapolis.


Bon Iver // Perth

Bon Iver announced on Tuesday that they will be re-releasing their second self titled album all deluxed up.
To kick us off we have the video for Perth. Directed by visual artists Isaac Gale and David Jensen this mesmerising kaleidoscopic gem was filmed over Western Minnesota. Enjoy.