Johnny Foreigner

Johnny Foreigner // BeatCast Live Series Special

Ahead of the release of the last album ‘Grace And The Bigger Picture’ we found ourselves with Best Before Records and Johnny Foreigner enjoying a nights heavy drinking, during which we thought it be a great idea to play all the new songs, and some old songs at a show and film the whole thing. This is the result…


Johnny Foreigner – Live in London

Johnny Foreigner perform live at The Borderline ahead of the release of ‘Grace And The Bigger Picture’. This is part of a full gig available on CD/DVD special edition release through Best Before. You can download the high quality iPod ready video exclusively through BeatCast.


Johnny Foreigner – Interview

Del Noble talks to Johnny Foreigner and gets the low down on the new album, whale watching in Birmingham and the dangers of too much gin…


Johnny Foreigner – Live @ New Slang

Johnny Foreigner – Live @ New Slang, October 2008