Shoes and Socks Off

Shoes And Socks Off // “Made” video

Ok so this has been out for a little while but we’ve only just got to it, and hey SASO rock so here it is, better late than never…


Shoes And Socks Off – OffBeat Session

Shoes And Socks Off released their fourth record this July in the shape of ‘Robin Hood Waiter Champion Have-Not’. This was preceeded by a free digital EP featuring covers of songs that, well, you just don’t cover…


Under The Beat with Shoes And Socks Off

Simon Thompson drinks Guinness with Toby Hayes and chats about recording his albums and the different approach to each. He also chats on past projects Meet Me in St.Louis and Shield Your Eyes, plus we hear a bit about songwriting, touring in Europe and ‘beard stunts’…


Shoes and Socks Off – OffBeat Session 1

Shoes and Socks Off is the ‘new punk movement’. It is ex-Meet Me In St.Louis frontman Toby Hayes and various friends from other bands depending on what record you listen to.
When we caught up with SASO everyone agreed a session in the middle of Trafalgar Square seemed festively appropriate. We just about captured this song before the local bobby took an interest and came to move us along…

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