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6LACK - Nonchalant (Official Music Video)

Channel: Discobelle | Visit site  |  976646 views  |  0 comments
?Nonchalant? by 6LACK is available now! http://smarturl.it/6LACKNonchalant
from east atlanta with love world tour on sale now! dates and tickets at http://www.eastatlantaloveletter.com/tour ?

Watch your mouth when you lettin shit slide
Don?t you know I got way too much pride?
Sneak dissin way on the other side
I turn your fuckin wave to a tide
I?m so fuckin tired, somehow I still find the time
To care a little more about my rhymes
To care a little more about my peers
To think a little less about my fears
To care a little more about your ears

I give a piece of me to everybody I meet
Not because they want it, it?s because its probably a need
Claim they woke but they probably asleep, in a cage
Thinking if they make a mil they be free like Meek, nah

I turned a nightmare, right into a dream yea
I keep my sanity, cause I ain?t on the scene yea

I know I gotta be a rock like Dwayne
So, I?m tryna be a rock like Dwayne, Carter rebirth
Put that line in reverse, add a little reverb yea
We work, so my niggas ain?t gotta be on t shirts
Watch me get my hands dirty with the rework
Damn, do I even have the fans for this shit
To be rapping like these people understanding this shit
It?s demanding and shit, but I stand for these kids

Like they stan for the kid, understand how we clear
Crack a beer when I?m feelin pissed, yea
But I ain?t got nobody hand up my back you ventriloquist
Ever since my songs went platinum like Sisqo

Life done found a filter like vsco, aye, but its ok, cause
If you down and you need a little help it?s a way
If you hating and you feeling insecure issa rae

I?m somewhere between humble and hell nah
These niggas drop they second album then fell off
My nonchalant flow will never end right, it be at they necks if it?s in sight
Squeezing until they crack a windpipe
Loosen the grip, have a lil remorse, you dial 911 I pull up in a Porsche
Word is I?m carrying the torch and I ain?t wanna share so beware if you reach you get scorched

Ever since I jumped off the porch, I knew that I would grow to be the boy
The boy then grew to be the man
Learned how to kill a hook, Peter Pan
I?m tryna make the end stand out, but I?m so fuckin outstanding
I?m so fuckin outlandish and a opp can?t win
Man?s not hot
I been on 10 landslide wins, yea

Music video by 6LACK performing Nonchalant. 2018 LVRN/Interscope Records


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