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PIG DESTROYER - The Torture Fields (Official Music Video)
Metal Sucks

Channel: Metal Sucks | Visit site  |  Posted on 2 channels  |  94362 views  |  0 comments

This video features on the following channels.

Head Cage is due out September 7th
Pre-Order Here: http://bit.ly/PigDestroyerHC
Digital Downloads / Stream: http://smarturl.it/PigDestroyerHC

Subscribe to Relapse Records Channel: http://youtube.com/relapserecords

Directed and Filmed by Frank Huang
Photos by Mark Valentino
Additional Live Footage by Jeff Grindstopher
Special Thanks to Southwest Terror Fest and Decibel Metal And Beer Fest

Official Links:

Pig Destroyer Official Website:
Pig Destroyer YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/PigDestroyerOfficial
Pig Destroyer on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/therealpigdestroyer/
Pig Destroyer on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pigdestroyerofficial
Pig Destroyer on Bandcamp: https://pigdestroyer.bandcamp.com/



I ride a cockroach
Down your streets of trash
Baptized in shadow
Born in a car crash
I'm headed down to the place
Where they beg for the blade
Where the ground weeps blood
Where the sky cries in pain
In the distance
I swear I can hear
The thumbscrews turn
In the torture fields
The thrill of violence
Is what I seek
The sweet
Tension and release
When I close my eyes
It's like I can feel
The countess
Crack the whip
In the torture fields
Hail the wrong
Praise the obscene
Death upon
It's skeletal steed
Into the fields I step
Lit by mounds of burning flesh

relapse records,metal,heavy metal,pig destroyer,head cage,grindcore,extreme metal,hardcore,powerviolence,decibel metal & beer fest,southwest terrorfest



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