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FRACTAL UNIVERSE - “Scar Legacy of Hatred” (Official Music Video)
Metal Sucks

Channel: Metal Sucks | Visit site  |  5941 views  |  0 comments
Progressive Death Metal from Nancy, FRANCE.

Taken from Fractal Universe's debut album ?Engram of Decline?, out on April 14th 2017 via Kolony Records.
Purchase the album now:


Guitar / Vocals: Vince Wilquin
Guitar: Hugo Florimond
Bass: Valentin Pelletier
Drums: Clment Denys

Music by Vince Wilquin. Words by Arthur Massot
Director: Cdric Christler
Graphic Design : Pierre PIcquot
Mix and mastering: Flavien Morel

Website: www.fractaluniverseband.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/fractaluniverseband
Bandcamp: https://fractaluniverseband.bandcamp.com/releases
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/FractalUniverseMetal

Contact us: fractaluniverseband@gmail.com

The concept:
With the birth of their conscience, humans become aware of their own finitude. This is the origin of the fundamental fear of death.
This ever-present fear will eventually be interiorized and reappear in disguised forms throughout our lives, creating an ambivalent relationship with the ?other?, and leading to the delusive shelter of spirituality.

Wreathed in clairvoyance
Lucid to solely stare into naught
Wrapped in dead silence
We fade to solitude

In the abstract hands of genesis
Consciousness created life in its image
Taking the anthropocentric shape of their desires

The more the light-burned leaves rose unto the wrath of Ra
The more the heroic roots sank deep into subsurface springs
We now might be through the prism of existence

But, curving space through immemorial time
In shadows of deadly haste they wrote
Upstrokes hatred upon each other's skins

From light violence flew to shade to thus return
Blessed in arcane waters by their own-drawn fear

And, curving space in spite of immemorial time
In shadows of hopeless wait I sense
Hatred's token deep in my ghostly flesh

Dazzled by reflections of oblivion we shall push away
Contingency that once wove our human crown

Wreathed in thorns, baptized yet naked
Already acclaiming the blindfolded to come

scar,scar legacy,metal,clip,3d,fractal universe,progressive death metal,obscura,gorod,engram of decline,koronal,meshuggah,atlantis chronicles,virulent depravity,the faceless



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