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Sufjan Stevens - Tonya Harding (Official Audio)
The 405

Channel: The 405 | Visit site  |  Posted on 3 channels  |  915359 views  |  0 comments

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Buy/listen here: http://smarturl.it/tonya-harding

Tonya Harding, my star
Well this world is a cold one
But it takes one to know one
And God only knows what you are

Just some Portland white trash
You confronted your sorrow
Like there was no tomorrow
While the rest of the world only laughed

Triple axel on high
A delightful disaster
You jumped farther and faster
You were always so full of surprises

Are your laces untied?
What?s the frown on your face for?
And just what are the skates for now?
Tell me which is your good side?

Are you lonely at night?
Do you miss all the glory
And the mythical story
Of the Olympian life?

Yamaguchi in red
She had high rise and roses
And red-carpet poses
And her outfit was splendid

Nancy Kerrigan?s charm
Well she took quite a beating
So you?re not above cheating
Can you blame her for crying?

Tonya, you were the brightest
Yeah you rose from the ashes
And survived all the crashes
Wiping the blood from your white tights

Has the world had its fun?
Yeah they?ll make such a hassle
And they?ll build you a castle
Then destroy it when they?re done

Tonya Harding, my friend
Well this world is a bitch, girl
Don?t end up in a ditch, girl
I?ll be watching you close to the end

So fight on as you are
My American princess
May God bless you with incense
You?re my shining American star

tonya harding,sufjan stevens,sufjan



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