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BeatCast is a music television network curated by real people, not algorithms. Its a collection of tastes presented for all to enjoy and discover new music. Create and share playlists, customise your select channels and share great music videos.

BeatCast channels are built by blogs, labels, magazines and music projects around the world. Together they create a unique TV experience in one tidy place. A lot of the channels we feature are from small blogs and non-profit music projects across the globe, so please check out their sites and show them some LOVE, they are RAD...

But we don't just sit on our arses watchng telly, we are musicians and film makers and regularly publish our own videos, with monthly live shows, acoustic sessions, interviews and our studio programmes at Coach Road Studios. Hope you enjoy some of that too.

So we're only here thanks to the collective of blogs and music projects around the world, and of course all the artists that keep the world turning to the sound of sweet music. So thanks everyone, enough speil, hope you enjoy BeatCast as much as we do.


Matt & the BeatCast crew



Odd Beholder - Coins (official video)
The Curious Brain

Channel: The Curious Brain | Visit site  |  3574 views  |  0 comments
?Coins? is taken from Odd Beholder's ?Atlas? EP - out now via Sinnbus and Mouthwatering Records


dancer: Stella Palino

customer: Antonin Wittwer

script: Garrick J Lauterbach & Odd Beholder

director: Garrick J Lauterbach

cinematographer: Benjamin Dobó

gaffer: Simon Wottreng

assistant diretor: Joel Glatz

camera assistant: Noman Tarar

best boy: Patrice Steinemann

electrician: Nivo Cavegn

make-up artist: Nora-Li Hess

runner: Katja Morand

catering: Donat Kaufmann

editor: Garrick J Lauterbach

colorist: Christian Mathis


Letterbox Collective Filmproduktion (http://www.letterbox-collective.com), Odd Beholder

Equipment support: cinegrell GmbH (https://www.cinegrell.ch/kamerateam/home/)

special thanks to: Tobias Rauscher, Wolfensberger AG / Vesna Schütz, Night Club Bändli

Video premiere via NOWNESS: https://www.nowness.com/story/odd-beholder-coins-garrick-j-lauterbach

Stream ?Coins":

Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2lVW2wm

Apple Music: http://smarturl.it/coins_am

Deezer: http://www.deezer.com/album/15510948

Buy ?Atlas?:

iTunes : http://smarturl.it/atlas_it

Bandcamp: https://oddbeholder.bandcamp.com/album/atlas

12? Vinyl: http://www.sinnbus.de/shop/vinyl/404-atlas.html


24.04.2017 - De - Köln - Stereo Wonderland

26.04.2017 - DE - Berlin - Berghain Kantine

27.04.2017 - DE - München - Ampere

28.04.2017 - DE - Leipzig - Noch besser leben

06.05.2017 - CH - St. Gallen - OYA

11.05.2017 - CH - Bern - ISC

12.05.2017 - CH - Zürich - Bogen F

13.05.2017 - CH - Nyon - La Parenthèse

18.05.2017 - UK - Brighton - The Great Escape Festival








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