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HIBUSHIBIRE 'Freak Out Orgasm!' (Album Teaser 2017)
The Quietus

Channel: The Quietus | Visit site  |  2914 views  |  0 comments
Track ('Trepanation Breakdown') taken from the forthcoming debut album 'Freak Out Orgasm!' released March 3rd 2017 on Riot Season Records

title: 'Freak Out Orgasm!'
catalogue # REPOSELP055/SMR11
format: Vinyl LP & Cassette
label: Riot Season
LP UPC# 6 66017 31231 6
release date: March 3rd 2017

LP Tracklisting :

A1. Lucifer's My Friend
A2. Hallucination Valley Blues - Flying Shiva Attack - Hallucination Valley Blues (Reprise)
A3. Trepanation Breakdown
B. Deep Throat River Holy Mountain High


Or pre order direct from the label now via links below


Hibushibire are an Osaka based Japanese hard psychedelic freak out rock band. The band was formed by guitarist Chang Chang and bassist 821 as a improvisation jam rock band in 2012, and the line-up had the present member in 2015 via several times of member change.

The present members are

Chang Chang (freak out guitar/Vocal) who makes shred guitar his strong point and is given the nickname Psychedelic young nobleman

821 (freak out Bass/Chorus) who is playing an active part by various bands

Ryu Matsumoto (freak out Drums) who play with a large number of domestic and foreign musicians as improvisation drummer.

The band which consists of a member with many carriers, and their musical style changed to hard psychedelic rock accompanied by several times of members change.

The large portion of the Hibushibire's musicality is influenced by Acid Mothers Temple, 60's Hard rock, 70's Progressive rock and additionally various psychedelic music, and they are pursuing original music committed to be ROCK and PSYCHEDELIC.

Hibushibire is called Advance party of a next generation psychedelic rock band by Kawabata Makoto (Acid Mothers Temple/Mainliner etc)

"Hibushibire" is Japanese old porno slang which is meaning as freak out orgasm.


Freak Out Orgasm! is first studio album by Hibushibire in their 4th year.

They had chance to record studio album during 4 years, several times, but they could not because of member change, etc The ?Freak Out Orgasm!? album was recorded in just one day at Helluva Lounge (their home ground venue), and it was overdubbed with folk instruments such as Zurna, Santur, and an electronic sound of synthesizer in order to make more psychedelic.

It was mixed by Kawabata Makoto of Acid Mothers Temple as as a producer at his mountain top studio temple. It became more psychedelic and exciting by making him a producer. When the show, they play songs with interplay, so it is often played long length. Tracks that are included in the album are the shortest version. ?Deep Throat River Holy Mountain High? is representative song of Hibushibire, and the band often play that various versions. Freak Out Orgasm! is the album just like a business card for the rock scene around the world to Hibushibire. However, it might be not limited to that...

Let's Rock!!


Chang Chang (freak out guitar/vocals)
821 (freak out bass/chorus)
Ryu Matsumoto (freak out drums)


Acid Mothers Temple Official / High Rise / Mainliner Official / Blue Cheer / Cactus / Captain Beefheart / Comets on Fire / Frank Zappa / Funkadelic / Gong - Band / Grand Funk Railroad / Hawkwind / King Crimson / Mountain / Sun City Girls / Sir Lord Baltimore / Träd Gräs och Stenar / Ash Ra Tempel / CAN / Black Sabbath etc




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