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Zimpel / Ziołek - Memory Dome (edit)
The Quietus

Channel: The Quietus | Visit site  |  2962 views  |  0 comments
In October 2017 Instant Classic will release the debut album from the duo of Wac?aw Zimpel (Hera, Ircha) and Kuba Zio?ek (Stara Rzeka, Innercity Ensemble, Alameda Organisation, Kapital). The record entitled simply "Zimpel/Zio?ek" consists of four tracks that might surprise those familiar with musicians' previous recordings.

"In December of 2015 I witnessed Wac?aw perform a solo set in Alchemia club in Krakw. After his concert we discussed the possibilities of working together on some music and not much later we met at the rehearsals, followed by first live gigs under the Zimpel/Zio?ek moniker," recalls Zio?ek. "I remember that during this time I was drifting away from my free jazz roots and wanted to incorporate some electronics that Kuba already mastered in his projects," adds Zimpel. "Both of us were keen on repetitive structures and this process of defining a common musical ground evolved in a very organic way," he adds.

The tracks that make up their album are rooted in improvisation and it wasn't until Zimpel and Zio?ek entered the studio that they organised the sounds into more structured forms. "We often stopped playing when something interesting came into our view and messed with those motifs adding new layers and instruments," explains Zimpel. "The compositions took other forms during our concerts where the process of playing is more dynamic, based on instincts. That's also why you often are unable to see the bigger picture. I think that it's only been in the studio where we managed to take total control over our music," he says.

Contrary to what most Zimpel fans may expect, some of duo's songs do have vocals and these come courtesy of Zio?ek. "I decided to paint some abstract pictures with the lyrics. There's no hidden meaning behind them, I just wanted to treat the melodics of words more or less the same as I do with other instruments, choosing specific syllables and matching them with words," recalls Zio?ek.

The recording of "Zimpel/Zio?ek" took place in Tonn Studio in ?d?, Poland. That's the same spot where Lotto, Kristen and Zimpel's own "Lines" were recorded. Amazing artwork was created by Hania Cie?lak. On October 10th Zimpel and Zio?ek will perform at Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology in Krakw as a part of Unsound festival together with BNNT and Mats Gustafsson. BNNT and Gustafsson will be celebrating the release of their "Multiverse" album on Instant Classic.


1. Memory Dome
2. Wrens
3. Elytra
4. Fourth Molar

Wac?aw Zimpel - Bb clarinet, bass clarinet, hammond organs, synthesizer, buddha machine, bass drum, drum programming

Jakub Zio?ek - 6 and 12-string acoustic guitar, vocals, drum programming, synthesizer, fx, bouzouki, drum programming, vocals, lyrics

Guest appearances: Ja?mina Polak - backing vocals, Dominika Korzeniecka - ride cymbal
Recording engineers: Maciej Staniecki & Krzysztof Tonn
Mixing engineer: Jakub Zio?ek
Mastering engineer: Marcin Boci?ski
Graphic design: Hanna Cie?lak

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