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Babe, Terror 'Windsurf For Souls III'
Tiny Mix Tapes

Channel: Tiny Mix Tapes | Visit site  |  789 views  |  0 comments
Phantasy are proud to announce a brand new album from Brazilian artist Babe, Terror titled ?Ancient M?ocean?. Limited to 300 physical copies the album comes packed inside a comic conceptualised by Babe, Terror himself, and beautifully realised in tender illustrated form by Michael Crook, chronicling just a small part of ?a community of souls? an incorruptible interconnection that binds us together as a whole.?

The 20 page comic concerning an understated sci-fi romance taking place in a world adjacent and just out of reach of our own, collects stories of ancient customs and traditions, submerged but sharing the same sun, moon and energy.

The director Mario Cascardo said:

"Babe, Terror and I have created this special window for his new album Ancient M?ocean. It is a 30 minute movie divided into three parts, gathering four sessions from the 15 track album.
Our first idea was to illustrate the single ?Windsurf for souls III? with some kind of aquatic research, which would help announce the universe of the album as a whole. But the video came out better than we expected and we decided to go on. For my pleasure and challenge, ?Windsurf for souls II? and ?Allureon Parts II & III? would complete a journey through imagery that Babe, Terror and Claudio have been exploring over the last few years, namely sports, winters and summers abroad, hidden lands, tv shows, internet and more.

It was a great experience to spend the last months in touch with these sounds and creatures, now I hope more people will join the ride with us"


Ancient M?ocean, is out now on Phantasy.

Find out more and order the album here: http://go.phantasysound.co.uk/PHLP06

Listen via Spotify here: http://po.st/PHLP06Spotify

Video credits:
Concept & research by Babe, Terror
Concept & research, produced & directed by Mario Cascardo

Comic credits:
Music, concept & story by Babe, Terror
Drawings by Michael Crook
Design & layout by Bela J

Follow Babe, Terror:

Follow Mario Cascardo:

Click here http://po.st/PhantasyTV and subscribe to Phantasy's channel to get updates on all new videos.


Phantasy Sound (Record Label)



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