In recent times more and more wonderful projects have sprung up around the world featuring some amazing artists, beautifully filmed, in intimate and unusual settings. Here’s the latest selection of some of the sessions we love…

Mutiny On The Bounty : ACCESS // BeatCast Presents
Luke Sital-Singh : Access // BeatCast Presents
Kevin Devine ‘Wait Out The Wreck’ // BeatCast OffBeat Session
Gemma Hayes ‘Shock To My System’ // BeatCast OffBeat Session
Maps & Atlases // BeatCast OffBeat Session
Dan Mangan // BeatCast OffBeat Session
Katie Malco // BeatCast OffBeat Session
Happy Mammoth // BeatCast OffBeat Session
Good Night, States // Echo Chamber Session & album
Porcelain Raft ‘The Way In’ // Best Fit Session
The Twilight Sad ‘Sick’ // BeatCast OffBeat Session
Tera Melos // ’40 Rods’ BeatCast Coach Road Session
65daysofstatic // BeatCast Coach Road Session
Lanterns On The Lake // BeatCast Coach Road Session
Gardens & Villa // Orange Blossom OTRtv session
Dave Dixon // Houses Of Thought IDI Session
Cosmo Jarvis // Gay Pirates Acoustic session
Old Forest ‘Slug’ // Doom Room Session
Count Fleet // Stay Here session
Dead Red Sun // BeatCast Coach Road Session
Olympians // BeatCast OffBeat Session Part 2
Olympians // BeatCast OffBeat Session
Sam Amidon // Wedding Dress in session @ the Sugar Club
Ladylike Lily // ‘Private Light’ Faits Divers Session
Tera Melos // BeatCast Coach Road Sessions
Rhob Cunningham // ‘New Arbutus’ featuring Jennifer Evans
I Break Horses // ‘Winter Beats’ (Bedroom Sessions)
Lower Dens // A Take Away Show
Seapony // ‘With You’ Yours Truly Session
Crocodiles // ‘Electric Death Song’ FD Session
Iron & Wine // 4AD Session
Seeräuber Jenny // “Push It Away” / The Crypt Sessions
Amiina // Live from a Bookshop in Iceland
Foxes In Fiction // ’15 Ativan’ live @ 561 Bloor, Toronto
Battles // ‘Futura’ A Takeaway Show
Baths // ‘Plea’ Session
Battles // Wall Street session
Southern // “Waitin’ Line” Session
Alexander Wolfe / ‘Lazybones’ session
Alan Sparhawk // ‘Try To Sleep’ session