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Great Eskimo Hoax Live Series

Hailing from the quaint English town of Bewdley, Great Eskimo Hoax deliver a stunning performance at last 2009′s Rapturefest. Combining layers of synths, with hooky riffs and floating vocals, they produce a beautifully unique sound.

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Mimas Live Series

Mimas is a Danish death indie act (in their own words) from Aarhus, Denmark. Recorded live at the Face Bar, Reading, the set includes songs form their debut album ‘The Worries’ released on BSM.

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Under The Beat – Instruments (Make Music)

BeatCast chats to London band Instruments (make music) about upcoming recording possibilities, celebrity look-a-likes, as well as meeting on the internet, and the “mysterious 4th member…”

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Instruments (Make Music) – Live Series

BeatCast Presents Instruments (Make Music) live at The Face Bar, Reading
Duration 31 minutes 16 seconds

Night and day
Lights out
You do me good

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Talons – Live Series

BeatCast Presents Talons live at Rapturefest 2009
In Association with Rapture Promotions

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Hold Your Horse Is – Live Series

BeatCast Presents Hold Your Horse Is live @ Rapturefest 2009

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